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 Born and raised in Iowa, moving to the eastern part of the country was a bit of a shock at first. There were new places to get used to, new roads to take, new people to meet. My new home felt different. It took a while for it to feel like home. I felt like an outsider here for a while. 

  Now that I have had a year of experience living in this region, I've gotten to know certain places around the Frederick County, Maryland quite well. Through covering assignments, I noticed how each municipality in the county was different from the other. Whether it was the terrain, the people, or a local shop in town, something in the town made that place unique. And even though I had recognized this, I realized I had not spent enough time in the towns of the county. At least, enough to uncover what made them feel like home to its residents. 

This photo essay delves into the life of the towns of Frederick County, outside of the City of Frederick itself. It is a continuing photo essay series that documents what I learn about these locations and the people that live there. 

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